[NOV2013] Trans Titiwangsa V2 (6D5N)

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[NOV2013] Trans Titiwangsa V2 (6D5N)

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Looking for interested people to feel the challenge of 'Trans Titiwangsa V2' on November 2013. We would like to invite both local and international mountaineer to join/participate in this expedition. Considered one of the toughest trails existed in Peninsular Malaysia, complete with all rainforest challenges, with one mission and one passion, safely step on top of the 4 highest summit in one expedition. Formerly known as Transpex V2, Trans Peak V2, etc.

Expedition Date: 1-Nov until 6-Nov-2013
Duration: 6 days 5 nights
Price: RM 300.00/person* (one time offer price)
Deposit: RM100.00/person (non-refundable)
Group No.: Limited to 12 and maximum 24
Date Start: 1-November-2013 (8.00AM)
Date Finish: 6-November-2013 (8.00PM)
Meeting Point: 7.00AM at Masjid Kg. Raja, C.Highland
Mode of Transportation: Carpool/Public Transport

Price that you pay inclusive of:-

1. Mountain Guide(s) for 6 days 5 nights
2. Forestry Permit (Legal trip)
3. Police Report
4. Land Transfer by 4WD to Start Point
5. Land Transfer by 4WD from End Point
6. Group Wilderness First-aid Kit (Guide)
7. VHF Radio Communication Device
8. On-site Expedition Management
9. Certificate of Achievement

Additional Cost:-

1. V2 Expedition T-shirt (RM30.00)


1. Sufficient ration(food) for 6 days 5 nights
2. Emergency 24-hours ration
3. Camping equipments
4. Cooking utensils
5. Mentally & Physically prepared for V2

Must READ & UNDERSTAND about this expedition:-

1. Start from Mount Yong Belar (BVD Trail, CH, Pahang).
2. Covers Mt. Yong Belar, Korbu, Gayong & Yong Yap.
3. Overnight Expedition for 6 days 5 nights.
4. Fully self-support expedition.
5. All equipments and rations must be carried start from first day till the end of the expedition.
6. Lightweight packing is encourage.
7. Group cooking in small number of people is encourage.
8. Have own medication or basic First-aid.
9. Expected to be rain every day.
10. Guided expedition. (1 Guide, 1 Sweeper)
11. Might skip a campsite depends on situation.


1. Complete the necessary details shown below and send it back to us via FB or email at wildjunction@gmail.com with proper/recognize title as "V2 NOVEMBER 2013"

Full Name:
Passport/IC No.:
Emergency Contact Name:
Emergency Contact Relation:
Emergency Contact Phone:

2. Proper itinerary and information will be send via email only.
3. Deposit must be paid before 15 October 2013 to secure your booking.
4. Please keep your transaction receipt/slip for future reference.
5. Any communication regarding payment transaction with us can be done via Email, SMS or Phone call only.
6. All payment must be made to our CIMB Account only as mentioned below;


Phone: 016-2525848 (Amri)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nkamri
Website: http://wildjunction.com/
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Re: [NOV2013] Trans Titiwangsa V2 (6D5N)

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information will be send via email only.
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